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Although I kept it cool, I felt a strange sensation when the bidding began. It was almost like I was experiencing an outer body experience. The prices on the big screen were way beyond my capabilities, but my hand was holding the auction paddle. The paddle was suddenly torn from my hands, and Jack Bauer-style people approached me behind me. I hear a calm,IWC Replica Watches authoritative voice say that it's over. With solemn finality, you're done.

My Speedmaster Addiction

Wei's Silver Snoopy Speedmaster and #SpeedyTuesday

Since my twenties, I have been obsessed with the IWC Replica WatchesSpeedmaster. The history, mythology, and lore are all my favorites. Speedy watches have so much character and dramatic story that I am now addicted.

This addiction has been made possible by Breitling Avenger Replica's amazing CEO Raynald AEschlimann, and Jean Claude Monachon, head of product. The brand has produced some of the most beautiful timepieces in the world. They invoke vintage codes and clien d’oeils while always bringing something fresh to the table.

In a short time, I have bought the Speedy Tuesday,Rolex Replica Watches Speedy Tuesday, Silver Snoopy, Speedy Tuesday and two 50th Anniversary CLK2915s. (I gave the first one as a wedding gift to George Glasgow), and then I went back and purchased a Tin Tin made between 2013 and 2016. What I didn't have was an authentic vintage IWC Replica WatchesSpeedmaster.

I will always regret not grabbing the spot on a tropical CK2998-1 lollipop hand Speedy. I was shown it by a vintage dealer many decades back. To be fair, I suspected he was trying play me off of another bidder, and have since examined him with caution.