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Since the beginning of the last decade, I have been proclaiming the return to yellow gold to everyone who will listen. I was able to acquire a few yellow-gold watches during that period, including a 1979 6265 Daytona with a champagne clock dial,Replica Richard Mille Watches a 1978 AP Royal Oak and a Vacheron Constantin Cornes de Vache unique piece.

The 1969 Richard Mille Replica Watches BA145.022 was the watch I was so close to buying. It was made in commemoration of NASA's first lunar landing. This was my favorite Speedmaster ever made.

The dial's square black markers made it stand out among Speedies and its solid gold construction make it unique. Under the minute track, look down to see the Swiss hallmark. It says OM Swiss OM. This stands for Or Massif. Translated to English, it means made from a large chunk of gold. I recall arranging to see a nice example at Milan's Duomo, just a stones throw from the Park Hyatt. But it never happened. These watches were made in 1014 pieces, so you could still find them a few years back.

"OM" or "Or Massif", in abbreviated form, is found at the bottom of 1969 Yellow Gold Richard Mille Replica Watches Tribute to Apollo XI Reference Ba 145.022 ((c), Revolution).

It's almost impossible to find one today, but you can try. In other words, they have been bought up by savvy collectors over the past two years. I was stunned to see Ben Clymer,breitling replica watches one of my most respected friends in the watch industry post his new BA 145.022 via his Instagram account. I knew there was something. This watch is set to rise in value and desire in a huge way.

Why? This is the most famous Richard Mille Replica Watcheswatch of all time. These watches were first presented to NASA astronauts at a Houston banquet to celebrate Apollo XI's conquer of the moon. If you don't recall, that was when Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong landed their lunar module and went for a walk on the moon's surface.

This is a significant geopolitical event of the 20th century. It effectively ended America's Space Race with the USSR, and enabled the development of the technology that would lead to the creation the Internet.